Another Day, Another Teacher Caught Having Sex With A Student

29 Aug

A 25-year-old high school art teacher in Ohio admitted on Monday to having sex with a 17-year-old student after police found the pair alone together in a parked car at a city park. Alexa Nasonti will serve no more than 18 months in jail and must register as a sex offender following the tryst in March with a student who attends Norwalk High School, where she worked.  Police began investigating when they found Nasonti and the teen alone in a car in Castalia, Ohio, on April 2.   

Nasonti claimed at the time that ‘it wasn’t what it looked like’ and ‘there was nothing going on,’ the Sandusky Register reported. When the teen refused to allow police to see the text messages on his phone, officers subpoenaed the phone records for both Nasonti and the student.  Text messages revealed that she and the teen had had sex at her home in nearby Bellevue, on March 31 — just two days prior being discovered in the park.  Phone records revealed hundreds of text messages between the two that showed evidence of a sexual relationship, prosecutors say. The two had sent each other messages the next day discussing their rendezvous. Nasonti pleaded guilty to a single count of felony sexual battery. Nasonti taught art at Norwalk High School and was an assistant softball coach. She was placed on leave from the high school when the allegations came to light.   She resigned in May.

Ok I don’t agree with anyone having sex with a teenager, be they 16 or 18 or 19, mainly because it’s like what the hell do you have in common with them.  However, there are exceptions to all rules.  Say someone is 18 and they meet a 22 year old, then I say hey go for it, I don’t think it will work out, and personally I believe if you are over 21, only date people over 21 or else it’s not really going to work out.  However, when you are a teacher, sleeping with your student, no matter the age, is unacceptable.  I do think when you are in college, that rule should be revisited, but in high school and lower, a teacher should not be sleeping with their student, no matter how much older they look, act, or actually are.  It doesn’t matter, relationships in high school are hard enough, but when you add to the fact it’s your teacher you are screwing, it’s going to be even harder.

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