Pot Calling the Kettle Black

27 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://ru-crazy.com
Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans, decided to go on Twitter and tell young girls and woman how to act, and how to get a husband.  Ok now this hoe gets a *MAJOR SIDE EYE* while I do agree with woman need to learn how to take care of their man, and what one woman won’t do another woman will, I do not agree that that’s the ONLY way to get a good man, because a real good man will have a woman WANTING to be a real woman.  A lot of the woman out here “don’t know their place” because men don’t know their place.  Also, I’m sorry but this chick shouldn’t be giving anyone advice.  She is still out there basically embarrassing her son.  Because at the end of the day, that’s the only man and person that she’s really truly affecting.  Remember Karrine, you have on the internet video of you straight SLOBBING Mr. Marcus (a known dude who had or even has STDs), that ish is NEVER going away, and your son, his friends,  any females he wants to be with, and their families will always be able to just Google you being a whore.  She might want to work on that first.
Let’s review her tweets after the JUMP shall we?
She says young girls idolize her for all of the wrong reasons, but what are the right reasons for idolizing her?  She got famous off of sucking dick and telling about it.  She continues to get famous off of sucking dick and talking about it.  She’s not continuing her fame by going to college, starting a charity, helping people, doing a clothing line or hell anything else that does not include laying on her back.
I actually agree with this tweet, but again, it would have more impact if say Rihanna was saying this ish, rather than some slut bucket.
Again I agree with this tweet, but she should’ve taken it further and just said stop reading my books.  Because let’s be honest, the young girls she is talking to are reading her books, not Ann Rule or someone else.  So maybe she should take her celebrity and write a different book, maybe write a fiction book with a title that will catch young girls attention and content that will change a young girl’s life.
Ok this I absolutely agree with, however, women aren’t being women because men aren’t being men.  There are a lot of women out there dead or living on the streets or had their kids taken away from them because they “stayed in their position” but not with men that were actual men.  How about we teach these young girls what a real man is and how about we also teach these young boys what a real man is so that way the confusion can stop.
Again I agree, however, putting on Twitter that you keep a husband because you suck dick is not a good look, especially since you are a mother.  Also, remember she’s been with many men, and married about once or twice, so obviously sucking dick isn’t the ONLY thing woman need to do to get a man.
Again, this chick has gotten run through, by A LOT of men.  How many times has she been married?  Exactly.  Superhead has nothing to do with it.  Being a lying, manipulative whore however can have a lot to do with it.
How can you build young girls up, and at the same time say if they don’t agree with you they are going to be ugly.  First of all ANYONE can look beautiful with makeup, so let’s not throw stones.  Second of all, you can’t be a role model and then call woman ugly who come after you.  She’s such a nobody that she’s not even on  beautiful people’s radar so she needs to sit down.

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