Lindsay Lohan is Delusional

26 Aug
Picture courtesy of

This chick is seriously crazy.  Everyone thought Britney was crazy, and while they were and are right, this chick is definitely on the same crazy train.

There are new photos of Lindsay Lohan floating around – go here to see. She’s in New York now, and she shockingly went out partying last night, probably after she fenced the watches that she stole at that coke party in the Hollywood Hills. Does Lindsay even realize or understand how we’ve all lived through this exact same crack drama before? The Cracken heists something, The Cracken blows off the cops, The Cracken leaves town to fence her stolen wares. Next move in the Crack M.O. is to release a self-pitying statement about her own fragile crack-martyrdom.

Can this chick seriously just be put into rehab already?  Preferably one where we will never have to hear from her again.  How about Mongolia?  Also, on a side note, I love how Celebitchy refers to Lindsay as The Cracken.  That ish seriously cracks me up.

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