Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

26 Aug
This is soooo disgusting.  And this guy really had the balls to say no one else has to live with this.  Ugh, he makes me sick.  Sandra Rose
I will NEVER feel sorry for this insufferable twit NEVER.  Evil Beet Gossip
Ok seriously, I just want her to go away.  Entertainmentwise
Get it girl’s.  I’m so glad woman are still making money LOL.  WXYZ
This is really inspiring.  Times of India
Really? Twitter Dude?  Come on.  Radar Online
Whatever happened to not biting the hand that feeds you? The Urban Daily
This makes me smile.  Popcrush
Is it sad that I am really happy about this.  Hip Hop Weekly
Wow, I would never think they would turn down Oprah.  I mean I’m not completely shocked by Lauryn Hill, but Beyonce? Just wow.  Nollywood Gossip
Wow really chick?  She really is the new Lindsay Lohan.  Yeeeah

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