Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

26 Aug
Why am I not surprised?  Gossip Jacker 
Here you go.  Something for the fellas.  Tits and Ass.  I Don’t Like You In That Way
Funny and cute read.  Madame Noire
Women, please learn to control your temper.  It’s never, ever really that serious.  Media Takeout 
Women need to be aware that there’s more to having sex with a man than just laying there.  Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret
I’m still iffy regarding this whole situation.  PeepGame 
This is some bullshit.  Everyone has been fired, that is no excuse or reason to kill your old boss and/or innocent bystanders.  Straight From the A
If they make a Tank Girl 2, I just might have to watch it.  I freaking looooovvveed the original Tank Girl.  Yeeeah  
Why do guys like Birds?  Seriously, can someone answer that for me.  RapFix 
I am sooooo freaking excited for this reunion show.  Juicy Magazine 
I really want to know what is up with this chick.  Women do not lose custody unless they are seriously crazy, ala Britney.  The Zimbabwe Mail 
I was waiting for this to happen.  Necole Bitchie 

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