Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

26 Aug
I’m really going to need this chick to cut it out.  If you don’t believe her fine, but seriously, she needs to shut up.  MTV.com (blog)     
I simply love this man, I can’t help it.  I really truly do love him.  Bossip     
Honestly, I’m not shocked.  I mean they are rich, white, and privileged.  Jezebel   
This is the most thought provoking thing I have read regarding the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. Jezebel   
Jump-offs beware.  This could happen to you.  Celebitchy 
When hoeing goes terrible wrong.  Crunktastical   
These pictures were actually quite cool.  The Fly Guy Chronicles
I actually like this Kardashian to be honest.  She seems pretty sweet, but I just can’t hop behind either of them.  Mainly it’s because their sister is the devil.  Evil Beet Gossip  
There was a time when I didn’t feel bad for her.  But now I actually do.  Crazy Days and Nights 
I wish this family would just disappear.  Well actually just the mother and her hell spawn daughter.  Gossip Jacker 

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