Doug Hutchinson Upset Because People Have Him Pegged

26 Aug
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Look, when you are 50 and you marry a 16 year old, you are a child molester and a child predator.  It doesn’t matter if the parents say it’s ok or if the 16 year old says it’s ok, you are 50!!!  What does a 50 year old have in common with a 16 year old?

If you recall, Doug and Courtney have been filming their first reality show Couples Therapy and like you would have thought, in no time there was some drama brewing.’s Nik Richie, who co-stars in the show with his wife Shayne Lamas, reportedly called Doug a “child molester”, and then refused to speak with him from then on. I guess the truth hurts, because Hutchison flipped.
An insider tells RADAR, “After Nik called Doug a child molester for marrying Courtney when she was only 16, Doug was furious with him. Doug threatened to kick Nik’s ass after he tried to insult him.”

Oh boo freaking hoo.  Again, dude, you are 50 year old man who married a 16 year old.  Come on.

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