Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

24 Aug
Wow really chick?  You need to write to a blog to find out why the wife of the man you were screwing wants to meet with you.  *Sigh* I will never get women.  Baller Alert
I love this post.  I really needed it in college.  I was the asshole Freshman who got wifed SMDH.  It def did screw up my college life.  Black Girls Are Easy
No sympathy for this chick EVER. Celebitchy
I loved this guy in Top Gun.  I really did.  Crazy Days and Nights
Oh COME ON PEOPLE. Crunktastical
Look I find this guy super hot, I truly, truly do.  Evil Beet Gossip
Ok seriously, could this chick get anymore adorable.  FreddyO.com
Damn, I can’t believe he’s suing his former chef.  That’s crazy.  Contact Music
I have to say, I am really quite impressed with her weight loss.  Reality TV Magazine
I thought this was really sweet. I know I’ve learned a lot from my past loves.  Madame Noire
This woman is an inspiration.  Seriously.  Bossip

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