Eli Roth Was Almost in a Real Life Version of Hostel

24 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://anewatlantis.com
You know it really sucks when you go out for drinks, and then the next thing you know you are getting roofied by a crazy mother/daughter team:
Via TMZ:

The “Hostel” director recounted the story during an interview with Fox Vegas, claiming he was out for a night on the town with Quentin and RZA from Wu Tang Clan — when he struck up a conversation with a mother and her daughter at some nightclub.
As the conversation unfolded, Eli says he began to feel really woozy — and the mother/daughter tag team offered to bring Eli back to his room.

Really people, that’s just crazy.  There is no reason to roofie a director to bring him back to your room.  Truthfully if you are hot enough or he’s drunk enough you could probably still get it in.


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