Mariah Carey is No Fan of Nicki Minaj

23 Aug
Picture courtesy of 
According to sources, Mariah Carey was not very happy when producers called her to tell her that colorful rapper Nicki Minaj was going to be her cast mate
Via TMZ:

We’re told [Mariah] hung up the phone when she was told Nicki was the top candidate.Sources [said] Mariah was led to believe she would be the only woman on the judge’s panel. Choosing Nicki would not only crush that expectation, it would add insult to injury because Nicki (29) is a lot younger than Mariah (42).Some of the honchos believe it’s a mistake to have 2 women and a man on the panel, and a 4th male judge would be necessary.They’re [also] worried if the judge’s end up being Mariah, Nicki and Randy, middle America might not welcome the blackout.

Oh come on now.  I mean seriously can’t we all just get along.  In all honesty Mariah needs to look at it this way, they both love the same colors, the same themes (butterflies, hello kitty, and other no sense that only someone 10 years old or younger should be fascinated with), and they will both bring the absolute crazy to American Idol, so win-win for everyone I say.

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