Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Stole a Bunch of Stuff

22 Aug
Picture courtesy of 
I know, real shocker right?
But hey at least this time she didn’t do the shenanigans alone, and she even fled to New York.
Via TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan is getting the hell out of dodge after police questioned the actress regarding an alleged Hollywood Hills burglary yesterday — catching a flight out of L.A. this afternoon.We’re told Lindsay is bound for New York — where her mother Dina lives. It’s unclear what she has planned in the Big Apple.As we reported, Lindsay was interviewed by police yesterday following an all-night party in a Hollywood Hills mansion — during which several expensive watches and sunglasses allegedly went missing.Lindsay told police she had nothing to do with any stolen property — but the house owner believes she invited the burglars into the home.

Ok, so not only did she invite people to a party that she was lucky she was even invitied to, but then she steals a bunch of stuff.  You know I used to feel bad for her, because seriously, with parents like hers, where was she going to go, but at this point, I kind of agree with everyone else, she needs to just full off the face of the earth already.

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