Kanye West and American Idol?

22 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://www.people.com
Ok, this kind of makes me happy.  I love this man, what can I say.  
Anyways, according to TMZ:

Kanye West is negotiating with producers to become an “American Idol” judge … TMZ has learned.Sources close to the production tell TMZ, “Idol” honchos reached out to Kanye recently about filling one of the open judging spots … and Kanye expressed interest.But that doesn’t mean he’s on board — we’re told Yeezy is still unsure about accepting the gig. The way it was put to us … “He’s on the fence,” because he’s not sure if “A.I.” is in his wheelhouse.And there’s another big hang up — cash. Informed sources tell TMZ … “Idol” would “at least match Mariah’s salary” — a cool $18 mil a year.

Ok see, this makes me happy, because, think about it, Kanye West on live TV, getting paid to criticize people. REALITY.TELEVISION.GOLD people, especially if you let the Hennessy flow.

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