Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

22 Aug
You know I love this woman.  And I actually like some of these clothes.  Pop Crush
I can’t believe he got arrested. ‘Back That Ass Up’ was my shiiitt. Shoot I still work out to that song lol. News Banner
Something tells me there’s waaayyy more than 15. Huffington Post
This is cute and funny.  If anyone actually tries these tips, please let me know if it worked LOL.  Business Insider
I’ve thought a lot about this, and really, my answer is yes and no.  I mean I seriously, some people don’t want to be helped.  New Black Man
I love baby bumps.  They are soooo freaking cute.  International Business Times
AWESOME. Just Awesome. Enstarz
This makes me happy, especially since my baby sister has to wear uniforms LOL.  Canon City Daily Record
If you are going to be living in a dorm room this year, this is a must have.  Kare 11
I loooove flip flops.  This article was AWESOME. Post-Gazette.com

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