Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

20 Aug
Hmmm..  Really?  This makes no sense. The Daily Herald  
I love looking at pictures of this little girl.  I mean seriously, she is sooo freaking adorable.  E Online  
This man is incredible.  US News  
Right idea.  More men need to read this and so do females.  Baller Alert
Poor girl.  This is who the real victim is.  Her and her siblings. Examiner
I love it when celebrities don’t hold back.  It makes me smile.  Madame Noire  
Oh God Kanye DON’T DO IT PLEASE. Entertainmentwise 
Is it bad that I feel sorrier for Joseline then Mimi? Examiner  
I love vintage shops.  I shop at Thrift stores like it’s no tomorrow. Daily Trojan
*Sigh* I have such a love/hate relationship with this woman.  I swear I do.  Hip Hop DX
So sweet.  I mean it makes me happy.  But then again, I love Obama so hey.  Atlanta Black Star
You know, I would definitely go here.  Actually I want one like now LOL.  Ocala News

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