Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

20 Aug
Wow really? You know it’s great that people like to make a living off of sleeping with rappers.  *Sigh* Bossip
Ok, seriously, the fact she shops at H&M makes me love her even more.  I’m not sorry.  Reality TV Fashion 
I’m a fan of daytime court tv shows so this was super fun to watch.  AOL.com 
You know, I don’t think it is fake.  It would be interesting if it is, and sometimes I have questioned whether it is fake or not, but hey I still love the show.  Examiner

Wow.  They really think one of these people is Jennifer Lopez. WTF.  People Style Watch
Good for her.  I’m glad.  I love this woman, I really do.  Huffington Post
Say what you want about this man.  But he can defintley dress.  Vanity Fair
You know what, I love this blog.  I used to read it so much back in the day.  I swear his reporting is the greatest so far.  Pink Is The NewBlog 
This could’ve been executed better.  But the idea is cute.  Buzz Feed
You know I really hope she didn’t.  I hope she makes him cry even more.  Celebitchy  

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