Rasheeda Talks K. Michelle

17 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://www.balleralert.com
On last week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the much talked about confrontation between K. Michelle and Rasheeda happened, and I have to say that it was quite painful to watch.  I mean regardless of whether K. Michelle’s claims are true or not, the real truth of the matter is that no one was in the relationship with K. Michelle and Memphitz.  So the only people that know the truth are K. Michelle and Memphitz, and any one on either side needs to just support both parties and leave it at that.
Recently Rasheeda hit up Columbus’ Power Morning Crew on 107.5, to discuss the confrontation between her and K. Michelle:

On Vh1′s editing of the sit down she had with K. Michelle about Memphitz:“Situations went from ‘Tell Toya that I respect her and I got love for her’ to a whole ‘notha story. The power of editing in that scene was ‘take that and gone up the street with all that,’ that wasn’t towards me. But at the end of the day the situation with the story is… she knows where I sit this.“All I want to express to K. is if you’re going to tell the story tell the real story.”Was there a physical altercation with K. Michelle at the reunion?We did not get in no physical altercation. That’s a lie. It was so funny to me. I had to laugh when I seen that post on the blog. I was like ‘WHAAAT? Are you meaning to tell me they got this?’ Who fabricates these stories? That was like the craziest thing I ever heard.When you were tweeting about ‘Jack Daniels is starting,’ was that directed to K. Michelle?True. She starts. She said something. I was so close to not even responding … I stepped out of character and I went ahead and tweeted anyway.I just expressed how I felt – a woman who is telling her story, why do you try to bully people so much? Just relax. 

Source: bossip.com

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