Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good?

17 Aug
Best rundown of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast I’ve read so far.  Just wish they did the men too. Examiner    
Hmmm, yet people have trouble with Obama. HuffingtonPost  
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You know his “Perfect Bitch” is really turning out to not be so perfect. *Gasp* I’m shocked… China Daily
So sad. I hope this works out for the better for Chad.  I really do.  BET
Edward is going to be just fine you hear me.  Just fine.  Macon
Ok.  This is just fun J.  Enjoy.  I definitely did.  HuffingtonPost
You know what, I agree with this article.  Clutch Magazine 
You know, the constant bitching can be quite annoying.   The Celebrity Cafe
I wouldn’t mind seeing this.  I’m a sucker for Jay Z, what can I say.  All Hip Hop 

Wow really? Even Nike is on the Gold Digging train.  Shine

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