Toya talks K Michelle Again

8 Aug
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Let me start this off by saying, I love K Michelle.  I think she’s a great singer, beautiful, funny, a loyal friend, and a strong woman.  There are people out there who question whether her claims regarding Memphitz are true, and one of those people is Memphitz wife Toya Wright.
Today on Talking with Tami Toya Wright sat down to explain why her and her husband won’t be on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show to confront K Michelle.
Here’s what Toya had to say:

“[K. Michelle has] all these false allegations with no proof! Mona Scott called [Memphitz] to come be a part of the show and I told him don’t feed into that. Do what you have to do. Get your attorney involved…[K. Michelle] has no story line…You are her storyline…Like, why would we be a part of that? Mona called him to be on the reunion. No! We’re not going to help you get ratings.”

 “She [K. Michelle ] went on “The Breakfast Club” radio show running her mouth and talking about me and my husband! I want her to keep my name out of her mouth! Hell a lot of people abused her! Where is the proof that my husband beat on her? Where [are] the police reports that my husband threatened her son? I need some proof! If anyone knows my husband they have nice things to say about him — even his ex-girlfriends never came forward to say he was abusive!

“K. Michelle needs to find her own story line and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining ratings from us…you know she is bonafide schizophrenic too! She doesn’t even have custody of her son.”

Ok, see here’s my thing, while I get where Toya is coming from, she’s trying to play the Down Ass Wife, and I think she really needs to sit this one out.  No new woman truly knows what her man did in his past relationships, and it’s better to just stay silent on matters you don’t know about and weren’t there to witness rather than look a fool.  If Toya was trying to gain sympathy or whatever, she made an epic fail because attacking the victim is never a good idea.  It’s obvious something went down between K Michelle and Memphitz, so it would be best if Toya just went her merry little way silently.
Anyways, view the video below:
Source: YouTube/Twitter

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