Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good

8 Aug
You know, this list is surprisingly funny LOL. Bossip  
Kim Kardashdian “The Perfect Bitch.” Uhhh well if you take out the Perfect part I can def see it.  *Sigh* Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, for the love of God, please stop. Celebrity Smack Blog  
Alright fellas, here’s your daily dose of Tits and Ass. Enjoy Celebslam
Yeah, Diet Coke is crack.  So is McDonalds. Jezebel  
Talk about hitting the nail right on the head. Baller Alert  
This is going to sound horrible.  But I hope EVERYTHING crumbles for this insufferable twit. Celebitchy  
Wow really? A Costco? Crazy Daysand Nights 
Ok, not bad, now all we need is Melanie back.  Rhymes With Snitch 
The assholes who left their girlfriends in the movie theatre whie a crazed gun man shot the place up, should take note.  This is how you save a woman. Bossip

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