Prostitution at its finest!

7 Aug
Picture courtesy of Nadya Suleman Facebook Account

So apparently shooting a whole bunch of kids out of your crotch like you’re a damn machine gun isn’t a good career option.  Who knew?  Looks like Octomom didn’t know, she has gone from being on welfare,  to stripping, to a self-pleasuring porno tape, to begging her fans for money (where idiots actually donated a total of $2,059), to endorsing same day loan places, to now selling herself for dates online, and guess what, she’s starting the bid at $500, what a bargain.  

While I personally can think of better things to do with $500, like oh say go on top of the highest building and drop 500 $1 bills, I’m sure there is some toothless, unsuspecting moron that might pay for it.

Wow, way to make your daughters proud.  Seriously, has anyone started a pool on when and how f’ed up these kids are going to be?
Whatever, at least she’s not on welfare anymore.

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