Ok Seriously, What the Hell is the World Coming Too!

7 Aug
Alright, I realize I’m kind of late on posting this, but geez, I just can’t get it out of my head.  Why the heck would Mila Kunis do this.  What is up with my most favorite people in the world having major brain farts and pulling douche bag moves. Ugh.
From Page Six

“Ashton Kutcher has whisked Mila Kunis on a romantic vacation to Bali, Page Six can reveal. The actor, still going through a divorce with Demi Moore, has taken Kunis to a five-star resort on Bali’s southern peninsula. Suites include wooden four-poster beds, a sunken indoor bathtub and ultra-private pools. Sources tell us the pair, who met 14 years ago while starring on “That ’70s Show” together, are now making no secret of their romance despite earlier attempts to stay out of the public eye. One source said, “Ashton was Mila’s first kiss while on ‘That ’70s Show,’ so they’ve always had a special bond. They started dating in the spring, and things have recently become more serious.” Meanwhile, on Monday night Moore sneaked into the Four Seasons for the “Bourne Legacy” party. The 49-year-old actress is dating New Zealand actor Martin Henderson, who is 12 year her junior. Spies said a happy-looking Moore chatted at the “Bourne” bash with the movie’s star Rachel”


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