I’m So Hurt and Disappointed

7 Aug
Picture courtesy of http://www.bossip.com 

So I saw on Sandra Rose that Floyd Mayweather flew Chili to Vegas last weekend for a booty call.  Now I have a very long, interesting opinion regarding side chicks, but the basis of it is I think woman need to realize they deserve better than to be a side chick, why be the side chick when you can be the main chick, and if he loves you so much, then he needs to leave the main chick before there are even discussions of you being the side chick, however, always remember the old saying “How you get him is how you will lose him.”  

Also, I must point out, I love TLC, and I really loved Chili, but if this is true, ugh, then she is now on Angelina Jolie and Alicia Keys status with me.

“From a confidential source:Just wanted you to know that Chilli along with her publicist Christal Jordan boarded a flight last night enroute to Vegas to be there when Floyd got released from jail.Floyd made sure Chilli was put up in the presidential suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel and also had 3 dozen pink roses and a diamond bracelet waiting there for her when she arrived.”


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