Gossip Jack: Why Because It Feels So Good

7 Aug

Hold Up Wait A Minute.  Don’t Go There, Cause Timb ain’t wit it.  Tattle Tailzz 

Michael Phelps is a G, I swear he is.  Last year it was the pot thing, and this year he’s getting his club on with all of his medals.  TMZ 

I just love this chick’s blog, no apologies.  Just read it all, every last post, she’s hilarious and my idol LOL.  Evil Beet Gossip  
Ok, I have to admit it, I’m excited.  I love Kanye West, I truly do.  I just wish he wasn’t with that she demon.  I mean seriously, Kim Kardashian, how could he do this to me, I mean I was fine with Amber Rose, but… Ok my bad, I was going off on a tangent.  Check out the new art cover for Kanye’s new album.  Tattle Tailzz 

Beyonce wants your help, and I say help her, it’s a good cause. Ohverlycritical 

Yesterday, it was Tits, today, it’s ASS.  Lookie fellas America’s Next Top Model past winner, Adrienne Curry, in a bikini, showing her ass and waving a light saber. Yeeeah 

Seriously, I don’t care if this person is a chick or a dude, fact is, he/she is still an ignorant and a home wrecker (I use the term loosely, because seriously there kind of was no home to wreck to begin with, I mean come on, the dude is a skeeze), however, I still love to watch her. Straight From the A   

It’s a hard knock life. The Superficial 

If it was anyone but Lil Wayne, I would def have to say #random.  Peep Game 

The Hoodie Awards. Seriously?  Well it is hosted by Steve Harvey. Moe Jackson 

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