Gossip Jack: Why? Because it feels so good of Course!

6 Aug
Wow another installment of Scary Movie… And It Stars Lindsay Lohan… I’m sorry, but isn’t it 2012? Evil Beet Gossip 
I hope he rots in Hell.  Actually, never mind, Hell is too good for him, I hope he gets condemned to rot in Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian’s, crotches for all of eternity and beyond. I Don’t Like You In That Way
We’ve all been there before.  I’m talking about the friend that keeps dating douchebags, not the whole dating a gay guy thing. Evil Beet Gossip 
This really needs to stop, it’s getting sad now.  Rhymes With Snitch
Stevie Wonder Files for Divorce.  I wonder when he saw this coming?  I know bad joke LOL. Sandra Rose
Good I’m glad.  I love when bad stuff happens to bad people :D. Straight From the A
Did I mention how much I love when bad stuff happens to bad people? He he he he.  The Superficial
Ok, so let me get this straight.  The boy known for being made fun of because he looks like a 12 year old girl, was making fun of Prince William?  The same Prince William who is a prince, and who could and still can have any woman he wants?  LMFAO.  Someone needs to put a pacifier in this kids’ mouth, like now.  The Blemish
I want more men to visit the site, so HEY TITS. Yeeeah 

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