Think Like A Man’ Scores at #1

24 Apr
Whoever doubted the Steve Harvey adapted film ‘ Think Like a Man’ must be kicking themselves now. The film featuring an array of popular celebrities, such as Taraji P. Henson, Lala Anthony, Chris Brown, Meagan Good, Kevin Hart, Terrance J, Michael Ealy, among others – sold an astounding 33 million at the box office this past weekend. Having been produced with a very small budget – a little over 13 million – the film surpassed many expectations. With very little media promotion, it’s great to see a film with mostly African American actors be so successful. Hopefully, this will show Hollywood producers and studios that a movie of this genre is worth the investment.
Having seen the film myself this past weekend, and having not read the book; I definitely made sure to grab a copy of it. If you didn’t already know, the book , written by Steven Harvey gives relationship advice geared toward women. The title essentially explains it all – Act Like a Lady, but Think Like a Man. Harvey delves deep into the mind of the average male and explains how they think in regards to relationships. It’s very insightful and I believe every woman, no matter what age can learn something from it. It really is just a game at the end of the day – isn’t it? In order to play well, you have to learn the rules.
Okay, back to the film. In case you haven’t seen it, I’ll give a brief overview. Kevin Hart’s fast talking antics essentially steal the show and you are left gripping your abdomen from all the laughs. The storyline follows four male friends and their pursuit of four women. There’s the mama’s boy (Terrance J), the dreamer (Michael Ealy), the player (Ramany Maco) and the slacker (Jerry Ferraro). For the women there’s the business executive (Taraji P. Henson). A single mother (Regina Hall) A woman wanting to get married after she’s been living with her boyfriend for 10 years (Gabrielle Union), and the girl who gives herself up too easily (Meagan Good). Basically, the women discover the success of Steve Harvey’s book, decide to read it themselves and it soon gets passed along to all of them. They each take bits of advice from it including the infamous “90-day rule”, in which the female waits 90 days after beginning a relationship to have sex with her man. Eventually, the men find out about this book and are not too thrilled about Steve Harvey letting out all their secrets.
The film was full of comedic moments and all star cameos by the likes of Morris Chestnut, Wendy Williams, and many others. Although, it might seem like a movie geared toward the African American audience, it is certainly one everyone can enjoy – men and women alike. I would highly suggest this as a date movie because it will certainly spark some conversation on topics most of us avoid. It will also leave you chuckling to yourself as you think about a past relationship gone wrong. I loved the lightheartedness and how cohesively all the story lines fit together. Overall, it’s a great film everyone should go see.

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